Overroofing of old Asbestos Roof in Central Leicester

Installation of new profiled steel roof encapsulating old asbestos roof for TGC Computers in Leicester.

Looking at the ‘before’ photos below, you can easily see how much of an improvement our new composite sheet steel roof has been to this building. The roof at TGC Computers in central Leicester was full of leaks and covered with plastic sheeting to help keep out the weather. Not a long term solution. Roofwise have successful completed another commercial overroofing project at TGC Computers, 15 Bell lane Leicester, LE5 3BA.

Removing existing asbestos roofs is a difficult and costly task with huge disruption to a business. So, we instead carried out an Overroofing installation. This encases the old asbestos roof within profiled steel panels with a built-in layer of insulation. This technique saves money, time and any disruption to the business.

As you can see from the photos below, the old asbestos roof was not only ugly but had several leaks and was inefficient – costing the business in expensive winter heating bills. The new roof makes the commercial property look more professional, is leak free, maintenance free and far more energy efficient.

over roofing asbestos roof

What is Over Roofing?

Over roofing is a roofing technique where new roofing panels (usually profiled steel sheets with a built-in layer of insulation) are installed on top of the old damaged roof. Over roofing saves money, time and disruption. This is a very popular and cost effective roofing method with asbestos roofs where the removal has huge health and environmental issues.

Asbestos roof removal at central leicester business

As always our roofing team worked quickly to install the new and improved profiled metal roof. There was no disruption to the business. The customer is very please with the roofing services provided. Another great job by the Leicester Roofwise team. View our work in person be visiting TGC Computers, 15 Bell lane Leicester LE5 3BA

Asbestos roof replacement on property Leicester

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…I thought I would take the time to write in to say how pleased I was with the recent work carried out by the Roofwise team. I think you have a very efficient and courteous organisation from the minute I requested a roof survey, receiving the quote, handling my queries on the quote through to work completion….